Wednesday, 15 December 2010

A Chanel Christmas

One of my favourite things about christmas is secret santa and this year was one of the best.
One of my best friends Holly bought me a little piece of Chanel in the form of the a/w Blue Satin Nail Colour.
It's a beautiful colour and fits right in with the recent Chanel campaign fronted by Georgia May Jagger, i'd recommend anyone looking to add a touch of designer to their nails to purchase this little bottle of magic.

Touched Photoshoot

Becoming a little bit of a workaholic of late , whether this is because of the pressure of college or the demand from university, im quite enjoying it.
Today I produced a photoshoot for a textile dress i created, based on the theme "touched".
My friend Emily modelled for me and we spent the afternoon running through corridors trying to find a 'good light' and 'nice brick wall'.
Anyway, the results are below- let me know what you think.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Inside Out

Below are a few images I have drawn, from my sketchbook for the brief
"Inside Out".

Is All Press , Good Press For Students?

Despite the coalition government coming to a final agreement to raise the student fees, yesterday saw thousands of students fighting back in protest.
As a student myself , I 100% agree with the backlash that has been caused because of the decision.
What I don't agree with however is the bad name that some of the protesters have been giving students.
This should be an oppertunity for students to have their say and make themselves heard and instead due to the bad publicity from the press, students have been branded "Yobs" and "Violent".
Although some protesters had taken the protest too far, I dont think its fair that all students have been stereotyped under the same name.
The press should be supporting young people fighting back and taking a stand for something they believe in, after all this is our future were talking about.
One things for sure good press or bad press, students will continue to fight on.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

If I own one thing this christmas, it has to be one of these..

A gathering of recent crap

Fallowfield Hillbilly


She went to New York and she thought this was me