Monday, 20 June 2011

Bleach, Dalston

I'm becoming painfully bored of my hair and with articles about 'Bleach London' popping up in every high fashion magazine available, I'm lusting over a hair full of paintbox shades.
My tumblr is full of photo's of their hairstyles that I've reblogged and loved, I'm going to need a restraining order against the place next week on my visit to london.
Below are a few looks from the guys.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

I've Been Slacking Lately..Newgen S/S 12

I'm feeling a little bit guilty that I've abandoned my blog for the past week or so, but the good news is that I have alot to talk about now!
Firstly NEWGEN announced their sponsorship for London Fashion Week S/S 12 and i'm more than excited to see that my favourite designer Felicity Brown is included in the exhibiton space, aswell as Michael Van Der Ham and Holy Fulton (Who is slowly growing on me) who have catwalk sponsorship.
The Newgen space is my favourite part of fashion week, as it adds something new and innovative around the norm of other fashion shows from classic designers.
Moving on from this , I have started work on my second dress this month for a project named 'Inside Out' (See previous posts for sketchbook work).
The dress is inspired by clockwork and is made from a number of different coloured satins fan pleats, I cannot wait to see how it turns out!
I'll be sure to post photos of it on here soon.