Friday, 26 November 2010

The Reformation Of Vintage

It seems as though the high street is always offering us an easy way of buying vintage, with second hand sections popping up in almost every high fashion chain store out there,how do we choose the battered from the beautiful?
Its easy, La based designer Yael Aflalo has produced a capsule collection for Urban Outfitters in conjunction with the opening of its new Spital Market Store.
The collection is made of vintage clothes that have been taken apart, cleaned up and sewn back together to create fresh pieces with a vintage feel.
Browsing through the collection i saw a number of must-have pieces that i had to get my hands on such as a silk print racer back vest teamed with a black and white floral blazer.
Aflalo describes it as "free and amazing" to not have to go through the design process that usual designers go through when picking and choosing colours ,fabrics and cuts for their designs.
The designers instead browse antique and vintage stores for fabrics and pieces that cathch their eyes.
There's nothing too complicated about it and theres nothing unachievable when putting the looks together , its clear that working alongside close friend Chi Bui the pair have created a collection of just great clothes.
Nothing more.
Nothing less.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Lets Go Rideing

My two favourite buys at the moment have been a pair of American Apparel rideing pants and a vintage blue blouse from Liverpool vintage store ,Little Red.
Little Red is one of my favourite shops for picking up a last minute piece at a small price.
Two of my good friends work there and often sport one off pieces from the store,i'd reccomend anyone looking for good quality vintage blouses to shop there.

Valentino For Gap

The collaboration between Lanvin and H&M may have stole the limelight of the British Highstreet this season but another bargain of a partnership has creeped up between Italian designers Valentino and American high street giants GAP.
The seven piece collection is in honor of the opening of the first two GAP stores in Italy and the result of this is something special.
Jersey sportswear takes a dramatic turn with flounsy details and structured tailoring , true to Valentinos signature style.
My favourite is a khaki cotton jacket with a beautiful ruffled neck piece which would team perfectly with the labels cotton jodhpurs.
The collaboration hits GAP's flagship store on Oxfrord Street on the 27 November.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Love for Lanvin

Ever since Alber Elbaz teased us with the 'Lanvin for H+M' video on Youtube,
             Fashionistas everywhere have been on edge waiting for the 48 piece collection to go on sale on November 23rd.
Of course true to Elbaz style, the cheeky designer decided to tease us once more with a runway show at the Pierre Hotel in New York, watch below as Pixie Geldoff, Dree Hemingway and Japanese Vogue-editor at large,Anna Dello Russo flaunt the pieces ..

I Can't Own Them , So I May Aswell Draw Them

Gok- Can

I'll be the first to admit that I was a bit sceptical towards the meeting of Gok-Wan.
I had a pre conception of an over exposed , perez type man who knew "a little bit" about putting clothes together.
So when offered the chance to be part of the filming of 'Gok Wan's Fashion Fix' i decided to give it a shot and see this man in person.
Now heres where i eat my words.
On first impression , he was just like any other well dressed fashionista- enjoying the attention of the occassional scouse "GOCH" and "isnt that , that guy off the telly?" whilst strutting up and down the escalator with a swing in his hips.
But one on one he was a friendly, energetic man who actually does know alot about clothes.
I witnessed him change a drab jersey maxi dress into a 70's floor length piece with just a few pins and the odd arranging of a halterneck.
One things true, Gok knows his stuff.
He may not have the sophistication and discreetness of Katie England but its clear that he's doing something right.
And what will Gok think of this blog post?
He'll simply tell me to Gok Off.