Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Billie J Does It Best.

There comes a time in fashion when you get a bit bored of the norm. You've seen enough mulberry alexas that you start to hate Chung herself and that 'tights and socks' thing is no longer cool but boreing.
It's then that you start to look into other industries to find style inspiration.
Admittedly, i'd not even heard of Billie J.D Porter until the 'Joy of Teen Sex' but recognised her from several scarily cool photos in Vice magazine.
Billie has the sort of style that shouldn't work , her look is usually grown out roots in a messy top knot along with ripped tights and a patterned shirt.
For someone who's still in her teens , Billie has written for NME, Vice and blogged for Platform ,as well as famously reporting on the teen sex show.
It's clear that with her abrupt attitude and extreme coolness that Billie doesn't seem like the easiest person to get along with.
But with close friends like Sky Ferreira and Mark Ronson, Who Cares?

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  1. She is fabulous, we'd look amazing as best friends!