Tuesday, 5 July 2011


It's becoming scarily close to my move in date, the day I pack up my stuff and move to the big lights to start university.
And if i'm perfectly honest with you, I'm shitting myself.
I spent the first few days of last week down In london, attending my University induction and although the day was a little daunting, im ridiculously excited to start LCF!
Whilst down there I got to meet up with a few friends (in between catching the ridiculously hot tubes and running through brick lane, trying to find some bragains).
We spent the evening in Shoreditch , at a little club called 'The Den'.
For anyone who is from Liverpool , it reminded me of a cooler Mixed Bag minus The Smiths and Joy Division.
But anyway, thought I'd share a few photos from the evening that my friend Sophia took..

Soph x

P.s Only six days until Benicassim

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