Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Long Live Luella

I think every women has had that same feeling as they search through a wardrobe full of clothes in desperation of something to wear.
It's a feeling of need,void and regret, as you remember the dress that got away.
I've always had a ridiculous urge to own a pink velvet , pleated dress worn by Alexa Chung for Luella.
Every now and then when I look through a season lookbook and find myself disapointed, It takes me back to a time when Luella was creating innovative and colourful creations that helped to put Britain on the fashion map.
On the 9th November 2009 Luella Bartley sadly confirmed that her label had become another victim of the recession and was going into administration, although I was shocked, I think me and many (more knowledgable) others thought that surely someone would save the company before it completely died.
Unfortunately , this is still not the case and the company no longer exists, although Luella Bartley herself still regularly writes and has a heavy influence on the industry,I think its important to remember that an amazing designer is going to waste.
I hope that In the near future , I wont have the problem of finding the perfect dress and instead on a black velvet hanger will be the one that got away.

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