Friday, 26 November 2010

The Reformation Of Vintage

It seems as though the high street is always offering us an easy way of buying vintage, with second hand sections popping up in almost every high fashion chain store out there,how do we choose the battered from the beautiful?
Its easy, La based designer Yael Aflalo has produced a capsule collection for Urban Outfitters in conjunction with the opening of its new Spital Market Store.
The collection is made of vintage clothes that have been taken apart, cleaned up and sewn back together to create fresh pieces with a vintage feel.
Browsing through the collection i saw a number of must-have pieces that i had to get my hands on such as a silk print racer back vest teamed with a black and white floral blazer.
Aflalo describes it as "free and amazing" to not have to go through the design process that usual designers go through when picking and choosing colours ,fabrics and cuts for their designs.
The designers instead browse antique and vintage stores for fabrics and pieces that cathch their eyes.
There's nothing too complicated about it and theres nothing unachievable when putting the looks together , its clear that working alongside close friend Chi Bui the pair have created a collection of just great clothes.
Nothing more.
Nothing less.

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