Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Cycle Chic

I have a confession. I can't ride a bike.
I swear sometimes I can't even look at a bike without fearing its going to run me over and knock me flat on my face.
My attitude on the subject has always been that "No one even rides bikes these days, im never going to need to".
This stemmed from several lessons from my best friend, in which I held on to her the whole time whilst screaming and cursing every obsticle in my way.
But recently I've had to swallow my words , with four weeks until I go to Paris , i'm starting to think I should do the Parisian thing- pull on my best boots and circle the city on bike.
I've scoured lookbook after lookbook and blog after blog and bikes really are the accessory for s/s 11.
Looks like I'll be sorceing wicker baskets before I know it.

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