Thursday, 13 January 2011

Pleats and Dip Dye - Felicity Brown

Felicity Brown has to be my favourite designer of all time.
Her work is something that's inavative, beautiful and dareing all at once.
It's clear that Brown is not afraid to play around with textile samples, each dress looks like its been thought out a million times, manipulated over and over and then dip dyed perfectly to add a quirky touch to something perfect.
I first became aware of her work when researching for new designers for a project back in September, at the time she was showcasing for the NEWGEN Topshop catwalk at London Fashion week.
As word spreads about Felicity's incredible work , i'm sure she'll become renown for her elegent and quirky textile work.
Something that not every designer knows about , these days.


  1. very unusual looks but i like it