Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Can We Expect More Fom Dior?

It was a shock and a set back to the fashion world this week, when an online video of John Galliano was published onto the Sun website showing the creative director making anti-sematic remarks at restaraunt La Perle in Paris.
Although this has caused much disgust and confusion to his followers, it has also spurred the question- Who will be appointed as the new creative director at Dior?
Throughout the past 15 years at the label, we have seen Galliano go from strength to strength with his ever changing and head turning creations, meaning that the next successor has some pretty big shoes to fill.
Rumours have been circling the internet over who will take the designers' place but nothing has yet to be confirmed.
Favourites for the place are Alber Elbaz, who proved his fashion status this year with an outstanding collaboration collection for H+M , as well as YSL's Stefano Pilati ;who has proved that he is more than capable of such a prestigious place in the industry.

Neadless to say, this story will continue to flourish over the next few weeks and no doubt will cause LVMH to think long and hard over the future of Dior.

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  1. Such a shock to everyone..think it will have people talking for a while. Watch this space for the comeback though, I doubt Galliano will stay down for long.x